Tool for sales representatives, solution for the company

VisionPort is a mobile CRM solution that users have the ability to automate common tasks, business managers, on the other hand can get detailed information about where the mobile trader was, what activities performed in a certain place.
Data thus become a valuable source of information for tactical and other strategic decisions of the company.

Solution benefits

  • Quality data in a common format are acquired directly in the field.
  • Easy to control and evaluate the effectiveness of sales representatives.
  • Awareness of management of business activities.
  • Recording visited places using the GPS satellite system.
  • Reduce effort reporting to supervisors and managers.
  • The actions of individual agents are exactly given and the process measurable.
  • An overview of the activities of sales representatives immediately after their completion without additional data input or manual reporting.
  • Overview of activities in one place.
  • Increased prestige.
  • Greater flexibility.
Business activities are realized through sales representatives in most companies. Business representatives most of their working time is spent away from the office and without access to a computer. They are often lacking access to online data from corporate information systems. Yet these workers in fact determine the quality of CRM systems.
Mainly accuracy and truthfulness of stored data plays a key role in the entire system from planning to analysis and reporting. If the data is inserted into the information system corresponding to the needs of the company, only then can be management decisions effective and correct.
If the sales representative or any field worker record the required data on site, thus ensuring timely and smooth transfer to the enterprise information system for further processing. Equally important is the information flow in the opposite direction.
Also, field worker, if he has to-date information about the customer, his behavior in the past, the prices of competing offers, discounts or special events can lead more effectively conduct business and achieve the better results.

System features

  • Frontend – a mobile solution for the Android platform.
  • Backend – view day's activities through the web interface.
  • Automatic recording of daily activities.
  • Record routes and visited places using the GPS satellite system.
  • Multilingual.
  • On-line access to important information.
  • Off-line mode - the key activities being recorded independently of the network connection.


Ing. Michal Kaštil
phone: 601 592 187